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Elder, Dr. Reynald J. Williams

Pastor Williams is an author and has globally ministered the Gospel of Christ through the preached Word and song in the countries of Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland and the US.

He has been on stage with business expert Bill Walsh and gospel music greats such as Byron Cage, Bishop William Murphy, Bebe Winans and R&B artist Chaka Khan.

He is the CEO of “Garden of Your Mind Productions” and CEO of “Enoch Publishing and Enterprises”.

He released his first Gospel CD, “WHY”, in September 2012.

From 2015 to mid-2016, Dr. Williams hosted a radio broadcast titled “Garden of your Mind Radio Broadcast” on WYCA, 102.3 FM. While on the air, the broadcasts had a national and an international listening audience.

In January 2016, Dr. Williams self-published his first book titled: “The Garden of your Mind”, “Removing the weeds of this World from the Garden of Your Mind” and is currently working on his next book titled, “The Step-In Father”.

Dr. Williams speaks to men groups, working to solidify their mind processes in their life for building God’s Kingdom.

Pastor Williams is affiliated with the Cook County Correctional Facility, working with Sheriff Dart to rehabilitate the lives of our incarcerated youth towards giving them purpose.

Dr. Williams is presently a member of “Valley Kingdom Ministries International” located in Oak Forest, IL., where Apostle H. Daniel Wilson is his Pastor.



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