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Nate Ross & Perfected Praise

Last year most were surprised when Nate Ross brought Chicago gospel royalty Dr. Walter Whitman (Soul Children of Chicago) on stage at Joyfest, as he gave a very powerful testimony and explained how Dr. Whitman's classic perfect praise "How Excellent" played a vital part in helping him get through a rough time in his young life!  To everyone's surprise including Walter's...Nate asked Walter if he would do the honor and direct his signature song for him and he did!!!  The song lead by his mom Antonine Grimes and directed by Walter was the showstopper of his set, and the Spirit took over! When asked how he was able to pull that off... Nate said, "Walter had no idea I was going to ask him to do that, I just asked him to come and he was there!"

When asked, what surprise he had in store for Joyfest this year, Nate stated that he was certainly bringing a couple surprises this year and the crowd is sure to be pleased! After bringing Walter Whitman on stage last year, I know I have to come even harder than last year...  So I am bringing my first music teacher Dr. Charles Hamilton (pastor of pleasant grove Baptist church in Chicago) who I grew up under in Chicago at Shiloh Baptist church, where Hamilton served as music director and organist!  The first solo, pastor Hamilton gave me to sing at about 12 years old was Richard Smallwood's classic, "Center of my Joy".  Every since that day, gospel was put deep in my soul and I saw at a young age that I was able to touch someone's heart from simply singing!  I am also bringing one of the most amazing directors I have ever worked with in my lifetime, and this guy is no joke...  He is known all around for his smash hit that is still being sang all around the world today...  His upcoming album will be dropping next year, and I'm excited to see where God takes this guy!!! I wont say any more, but I guarantee that he will set the stage on fire...  You will just have to be there to see who it is! 

After a very rough year, its time for me to give my testimony through song and I'm excited to do that!!! God continues to bless me and elevate me in every way possible.. I know that no matter what I go through... Whatever trials and tribulations I encounter... God has his arms around me, and is far from being done with me.  My life is in his hands, and he has yet to fail me... So all my trust is in him.

- Nate Ross





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