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Glad Tidings Apostolic Assembly

District Elder Bernard Samuel Kendrick founded Glad Tidings Apostolic Assembly (GTAA) in August 1986. Our history is filled with a steadfast commitment and dedication to the vision and purpose of glorifying God, ministering to the sick and downcast, and uplifting the lives of our members and those in the surrounding community. Our initial membership included twelve people, who met for bible study in the basement of one of their homes. One of the major trials that GTAA has overcome has been securing a location to worship, and over the years GTAA has held services in several schools throughout the Bolingbrook area. Most impressive is how this ministry has steadily persevered and prospered in the face of many trials and tribulations during our many years of existence.


Currently, GTAA has several different ministries that serve our congregation and our community, and membership is increasing steadily. Our church is well known for our heartfelt worship, our exuberant praise, and an atmosphere of love.


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